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Closing Digital Divide. 

Build a Future. Join the Fight.

COVID-19 Distance Learning Support Program

About Tech Access

Tech Access is a non profit organization

formed by Silicon Valley Coders and Engineers

To Educate the Youth in STEM

Focused on Under-Served Communities.

Our Mission is to close

‘Digital Divide’ and ‘Digital Inequality’’

Between Geographical Areas

To Ensure

Equal Technological Opportunities

for All.

With COVID-19 threatening Distance Learning opportunities

to some families, our goal is to ensure internet access 

to all students in the U.S.

Recent Activities

Robotics Engineering

Robotics Clubs & Competitions

EV3 Programming

Science Never Been This Fun

STEM Education

classes canceled

due to 


Engineering Competition

Online Submission


COVID-19 Distance Learning

      Support Program

Ensuring Internet Accessibility           for all students

April 2020

Traveling Tech Van

Tech Class on Wheels

Coming  Soon


Closing Digital Divide.

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